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AAA Music | 13 July 2020

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Daily Archives: 15 April 2012

Hangfire – Shoot the Crow

15 April 2012 |

I was looking forward to hearing this band cause I have hearing a lot about them. It’s great catchy AOR type rock with very good vocals. Classic Rock is coming back and this is really good their is even … Read More

Dripback – Inhaling the Ashes

15 April 2012 |

This has members of Ted Maul a metal band I always have had time for cause they have done some interesting stuff. Dripback is a new interesting band thou with Death Metal, Metal and Hardcore influences they use fast … Read More

The Used – Vulnerable

15 April 2012 |

I love the Used and when I heard their was a new album out I bought it straight up. I have listened to it quite a bit and a few of the songs are really catchy but they don’t … Read More

Vengeance and the panther Queen – 4trk EP

15 April 2012 |

When I first heard this the twiddly guitars sound a little bit like Iron Maiden then there is a preachy woman singer over the top with a bit of blues rock in the background. I find this really annoying … Read More

The Bermondsey Joyriders – Noise and Revolution

15 April 2012 |

Blues rock ‘n’ roll influences seem to come from a cross between Hives and Motorhead. This is a little pub rock but has also some hints of the Who in their with trashing guitars. On this new album you … Read More