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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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Andrew W.K. @ HMV Forum

| On 24, Apr 2012

London, 12th April

Tonight the Forum in Kentish Town is sold out for Andrew W.K. 10th anniversary show for the release of the album “I Get Wet”. In fact, Andrew and his band will play the famous album in its entirety.
When an artist is playing an entire album following the track order, the crowd is, in a certain sense, prepared to what is going to happen. As a matter of fact, it takes just the opening song to turn the Forum into a battlefield. Andrew is absolutely in great shape and all the members of the band are amazingly fantastic, playing uninterruptedly for more than 90 minutes.
Surprisingly, the stage is very simple unlike usual expectations from an anniversary show; in fact there’s only the big highly recognizable cover art of “I Get Wet” with Andrew’s face with a large stream of blood running from his nose. This is mainly because Andrew doesn’t want to be cool, he only wants to have fun, and that’s what people have bought a ticket for tonight. The keyword is obviously “party” and the stage is constantly “under attack” with dozens and dozens people crowd surfing. Andrew is definitely a “stage animal” and creates a strong bond with the fans inviting them to join him on stage and sing along his tunes, like during “I love New York City” that Andrews intentionally changes into “I love London Town”.
The gig is not only based on the entire album “I Get Wet” but also on songs taken from other albums like “Victory Strikes Again”, “Long Live The Party” and “Totally Stupid”.
Some people may complain that the songs, tonight at the Forum, all sound the same, but I think that 99% of people leave the venue more than satisfied especially after the last song “We Want Fun” with a massive and epic stage invasion.
Long live Andrew “Mr.Party” W.K.!!!


It’s time to party
Party hard
Girl own love
Ready to die
Take it off
I love NYC
She is beautiful
Party till you puke
Fun night
Gotta do it
I get wet
Don’t stop living in the red
Victory strikes again
Long live the party
Never let down
Totally stupid
Head bang
We want fun
Author & Photos: Luca Viola