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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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A Chat With Eyes On Film

| On 25, Apr 2012

A quick chat with Eyes on Film about their new EP and what they are upto.

AAAmusic: What’s the music direction of Eyes of Film?Eyes on Film: Dirty malevolent, balls out electronica rock and roll.

AAAMusic: What inspires the band?

Eyes on Film: Dirty malevolent brilliant pop music, stuff that makes you dance and has good lyrics.

AAAMusic: Tell me about your recent radio success?

Eyes on Film: Well it’s starting to pick up, it’s getting played on absolute radio and a couple of other people are starting to say yes to playing it. Radio stations are starting to listen to it and are saying yes I like that, but it’s too early for being played because it’s not released yet, but it’s looking really good and it’s getting great reactions from the people that have heard it.

AAAMusic: You have just recorded a debut EP tell us about that, and do you have an album to follow?

Eyes on Film: The EP has become a single cause it’s going down too well to just be and EP. I think it’s an EP of singles, so lets not give the whole game away to quickly. So we decided to start with the single ‘Something wicked this way comes’ which is going to be the A-Side, and the b-side is going to be ‘Criminal Mastermind’ and I would say the story behind it is that it’s our first proposition to people that like buying music. So lets see what they think about it and the album is in the either.
I think for me that ‘Something wicked this way Comes’ is a part referential title, I don’t know we intended that, but we all I think that it’s got a nod and a wink in it. It’s also an inelegant title it’s a Shakespeare quote and it suggest to someone that gets that reference what it’s about, it’s also a Derren Browns brown book. It is was defiantly when we were thinking about what to put out first that this was the one cause it’s a bit of a polarizer. It’s a divider and I reckon that some people are going to f**king hate it and some will really love it and that is what it’s all about.
AAAmusic: How did Frank Skinner become a fan of the band?

Eyes on Film: I absolutely have no idea, I am told he is unplug able, that’s what I am told, that you can’t sell it to him metaphysically. Yeah and literally unplug gable, so like he gets a bunch of records and decides he likes it, yeah our record is on his desk and we got sandwiched between Coldplay and the Stereophonics, which is a pleasant surprise in the metaphysical sense.

AAAmusic: Which member of the band is hardest to tour with, and How was it touring with Jesse Hughes?

Eyes on Film: Touring with Jesse Hughes was F**king hilarious he was always going on about stuff. The guy is from the second you see him to the last moment you see him he is talking non stop. He is very interesting and is highly contentious and you have to take a lot of it with a pinch of salt, but he is a fucking awesome guy. Also the band are really friendly and from the being at our first show of the tour which was actually our first tour. They opened the doors up and shared their whiskey and stuff, it’s great and a real blessing. Also as a support act you can often get alienated by the headline act, but all of them were so welcoming and supportive to us. So it was a really great start. We are talking about doing a track with him as well. We think in the band that Danny and Joe are probably the hardest to tour with.

AAAmusic: Have you got any shows coming up and are you playing any festivals?
Eyes on Film: Yes and Yes, We are doing dot to dot festival and we have been told there are more festivals coming through and that will be announced in the next week or two. We are also supporting Reverend and the Makers in a couple of weeks at the Scala, we are doing some club nights. Yeah we just want to be visible and in front of people.

AAAmusic: If you could destroy any band who would it be?

Eyes on Film: I don’t really like answering questions like that cause I don’t like spreading to much hate around, but if I could destroy any band, I think I know immediately we know who Danny would pick but who knows for the rest of us, does it have to be a band or can it be an artist, I think it has to be a band. I think I’m taking this question too serious. I’m trying to think of a band that has done seriously nasty crimes, so therefore destroying them. It would be morally the decent thing to do. Maybe a band that is already destroyed Lynard Skynard died in a plane crash didn’t they. That’s weird thou, you could destroy a rubber band I think. That’s absolutely brilliant.

AAAMusic: What are the next steps for Eyes on Film?
Eyes on Film: Making a bunch of singles and playing to as many people as possible.


Daniel Cairns