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AAA Music | 3 April 2020

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Anison – Memory Flashes

| On 30, Apr 2012

Today’s release is Memory Flashes, debut album by Anison for Spectra Records.
Recorded in the autumn 2011 and produced by Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure and Paul McCartney) the album follows the success of previous singles Spatial Awareness, Sail Back To Sleep and The Colour Red played on XFM, BB6 Music and NME TV.
Band members are: Dan Frau (Vocals), Rocky Wadhawan: (Bass), Rory Doherty: (Guitar), Jerome Forman (Drums).
Ten tracks of immediate alternative rock influenced by Bloc Party, Foals and Muse with reminiscences of Radiohead and late 90s indie stuff.
The album is a journey that alternates powerful dazzling soaring melodies and melancholic calmer instants.
Captivating sounds, such as in the single Sail Back to Sleep, in a Bloc party style the calm before the tempest of rock riffs. Nothing new, really. The scheme is simple and seen many times. Clean, polished impersonal vocals, catchy rhythmic pattern, screaming guitars, layers of synth and supporting choruses.
Same frame applies to the opening tune Repeat The Process and Spatial Awareness, radiophonic ready-meal for the avid music business. The Colour Red looks like a collage of a bunch of songs with the evident footprint of old Radiohead.
The lack of new ideas pervades here and there, songs like The Mariachi and Pedestrian Thespian could be easily confused with Bloc Party tracks, same vocals, same guitar riffs, breaks and kicks.
A more intriguing and emotional moment is Statuettes where the band seems to have put more passion and dedication. Next to the end of the record the second single Fluidity is another quintessential infectious exuberant radio hit prepared for the next summer festival.
Nothing impressive, another well recorded and produced rock album that doesn’t contribute to the music scene. Sad, isn’it?
1. Repeat The Process
2. Sail Back To Sleep
3. Spatial Awareness
4. The Colour Red
5. The Mariachi
6. Pedestrian Thespian
7. Statuettes
8. Revert To Type
9. Fluidity
10. Imaginary Lists

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