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AAA Music | 23 June 2018

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A chat with Decapitated

| On 27, May 2012

Daniel Cairns talks with Rafal Rasta Piotrowski and Wackaw Vogg Kieltyka of Decapitated probably the luckiest band in the world.

AAAmusic: Three albums that would make your ears bleed?

Wackaw: I would say Pantera – Cowboys from Hell, Morbid Angel – Covenant and Slayer – Divine Intervention.

Rafal: for me Slayer? – Death Symbolic, Sepultura – Roots and Morbid Angel – Damnation. <BR>

Decapitated: We are both huge fans of Morbid Angel.

AAAmusic: Is there going to be a proper live DVD done?

Wackaw: We were actually talking about that right now, we already have some movies already recorded we will probably use but maybe it will be too hard to get them put into the final cut. We have also planned to record a couple of shows in the US on our upcoming tour. We will play with Baroness and Meshuggah over in the US so will be lots of opportunity to record loads of shows with lots of people in a nice venue with good sound. So probably New York or LA we will record and release together with an audio CD maybe, because we want to do a bonus DVD. On this tour we recorded our London show that’s why there was all camera’s around at that show. Then we will maybe steal some crowd from Pantera live to make it sound like there are more people there.

AAAmusic: Are you playing any of the festivals this year?

Wackaw: We will play Wacken Festival, We don’t play too many festivals but we will play Wacken, Inferno, we will also play the Neurotic Deathfest after this tour and Royal Metalfest in Denmark there is a couple more I can’t remember but people can check on our Facebook.

AAAmusic: Is there any competitive edge between you and Aborted?

Rafal: No they are just good band, they play good and it’s cool to have that kind of support. They do their own music, we do our own music and I think it’s great cause people love it when they come to the shows. We get more fans to the shows so it’s great to play with that kind of band because it’s like engaging people giving their power some of the fans are tired after Aborted but they enjoy it and want to have more and we go on and do our job and it’s great.

AAAmusic: Have you toured with Aborted before?

Wackaw: Yes we toured with Aborted a few months ago. We tour with them over in Europe thirty shows lots of good people, good times for sure. It’s only once before that we toured with Aborted.

AAAmusic: What effects pedals do you like to use to get your sound?

Wackaw: I use a number of effects, I use Boss digital delay and I use Wah pedal, also digitech Whamy. I play on two heads at the same time and with this I use splitter radio and I have chord tuner and noise compressor by boss, I also use an adapter for all effects.

AAAmusic: What is your favourite venue you have played at?

Wackaw: Holland or G7 in Switzerland we like venues where you have good food, they have their own kitchen.

Rafal: A place to hide.

Wackaw: The US have this venue called the House of Blues which is really cool. We play mostly small shows and this club called Neurotica.

AAAmusic: Have you ever had any scary fans?

Rafal: There are some freaks.

Wackaw: They do Tattoo’s, Shian Perry she is a girl and she got a tattoo on her calf. She tattooed my signature for example. I don’t know why people do this.

AAAmusic: Do you do anything other than being in a band?

Rafal: The band is like my job so it takes a lot of time, we are working like doing the rehearsals.

Wackaw: It takes a lot of time to be in a band, me and my wife take care of things like managing the band, making merchandise. My wife takes care of the band on the tour, but she is not always on tour cause that would be a disaster to have all the time wife on tour maybe when I am the age of Max Cavalera. She is taking care of us she is the manager of the band, she is taking care of the business. She is f**king great.

AAAmusic: So how do you think your brother passing away affected the dynamics of the band?

Wackaw: I am the now the only original member of the band we now have a new drummer, a new singer and a new bass player. It of course changed the sound if you compare it to what it was in the past. I lost my brother and Coven is still in a very bad condition, we need someone to help him cause at the moment he cannot move he cannot talk he cannot do anything. We are raising money for this on the merchandise stand and on tour and you can donate money online also there are two websites and he also has a Facebook Coven Wake the F**k up and there is links to websites were you can donate money. You can all information about it from there we are doing two benefit shows in the UK for him they will be London Underworld Friday 29th June and Brighton. So new line up, new band same name. We want to keep the spirit of Decapitated. I try to do everything the same as the past, I am still the main composer in the band. I come up with the riffs, but it just sounding different it’s a kind of a new band.

Rafal: Even the old songs sound different cause I am doing it my own way.


Daniel Cairns