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AAA Music | 5 June 2020

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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Casio Unveils “Synth Sessions”

29 June 2012 |

Casio launched their new series of ‘Synth Sessions’ in East London last night with high energy sets from Bright Light Bright Light, DEMS, Engine Earz Experiment and Artful.


A crowd packed the venue spilling out into the street … Read More

POLAR Euro Tour Video & Tour Dates

28 June 2012 |

This Sunday POLAR will be ripping open the Mainstage at Ghosfest 2012 before hitting the road with Defeater on Monday.

To get you in the mood for their up-coming shows, here is POLAR’s brand new European Tour video (link below).

Read More

Damn Damn Patriots – Duke It Out With Damn Damn Patriots

26 June 2012 |

Having previously encountered Reading’s Damn Damn Patriots’ first single Do The Sell Out and not been overly enamoured with it’s wrong side of sloppy production and snide, humourless lyrics, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of reviewing an entire … Read More

Amanda Palmer @ Village Undergroun

26 June 2012 |

London, 20th June

This really should have felt like more of an event. Amanda Palmer may have just revolutionised the independent music industry, this is her first U.K show promoting her Kickstarter backed new album, Theatre is Evil, with her … Read More

Saint Saviour – Union

25 June 2012 |

Saint Savior is songwriter Becky Jones, whose debut solo album Union has already won her widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. It is an album of bleeding beats, of danger walking on tiptoe. There is enough in Becky’s … Read More

The Lines – No Illusions, No Cheap Tricks EP

25 June 2012 |

No Illusions No Cheap Tricks is the new EP by Wolverhampton four-piece The Lines. Its title track and main highlight conquers you in the most immediate way, with its early-Kasabian vibe and grandiose arrangements. Foundations continues this in spectacular … Read More

Reptar – Body Faucet

24 June 2012 |

For those whom, like myself, had never heard of Reptar until now, they are a four-piece band who have the uncanny ability to produce some of the most infectious songs I think I’ve ever heard – and when I … Read More

The Sea- Shake Shake

24 June 2012 |

‘Shake Shake’ is the second single taken from the album “Rooftops” by The Sea and will be released through the bands on label “Lusty Records” on June 25th. The Sea have enjoyed major success following the release of their album … Read More

Et Tu Brucé- Suburban Sunshine

24 June 2012 |

Et Tu Brucé are a pop/rock/alt-folk quartet from London, likened mostly to The Beach Boys, The Shins, The Kinks and Beta Band. They will release their debut album “Suburban Sunshine” in July 2012. The album opens with “Dress Me … Read More

Maia – Zuma Aluma

24 June 2012 |

Like “Zuma Aluma” suggests, Maia are a fun folk band for the not-so-serious.

A mix of traditional folk guitar and brass make up this quirky Yorkshire four-piece of university friends. Despite the track’s title sounding a bit like a … Read More