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AAA Music | 28 September 2020

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Evan Caminiti (of Barn Owl) announces solo record for August

| On 03, Jun 2012

Evans Caminiti (also known as one half of guitar duo Barn Owl) has announced a solo record ‘On Dreamless Sleep’ out on 20th August 2012 via Thrill Jockey Records.

On Dreamless Sleep, Evans’ creates a lush and misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss. The dense tracks are an evolution in terms of Caminiti’s compositions, musically referencing devotional hymns, Berlin- school epics, and cinematic westerns. The pieces began as guitar and synthesizer recorded to cassette 4-track and were deconstructed and rebuilt over a year after being recorded, resulting in rich orchestral swells and disorienting manipulation of the source material.

“The first version of the album – a kind of rough draft – was completed in San Francisco during Spring of 2011 before leaving on an extended tour that found me traveling without a home base for a period of 10 months. Upon returning to San Francisco and settling again in the Winter of 2012 I approached the material in a completely different way, changed by a year of travel and new challenges. It was deconstructed and reformed into a different album than what it had once been, echoing some of the themes I wanted the songs to reflect initially – the way our memory changes events in the past and how our surroundings define us.”


1. Leaving the Island
2. Bright Midnight
3. Symmetry
4. Fading Dawn
5. Absteigend
6. Veiled Prayers
7. Becoming Pure Light