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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Dogbones @ Brixton Jamm

| On 06, Jun 2012

London, 25th May

Partly Faithful They mix the style and dynamics of Bauhaus with the moody attitude of Joy Division and the anger of the birthday party, featuring Ed (X-Screaming banshee Aircrew) and Bell (X-Rachel Stamp and Killing Miranda) so they are a force to be reckoned with. Tonight they brace the stage to a empty room but still put in the performance of their lives even though Ed is looking like a reject from Flashdance. The drums are precise like a metronome and the bass has an Erie repetitive drive behind it so it launches them into a set of future cult anthems and songs that haunt you.

Dogbones are another band that feature members of other past bands like Crispin Grey AKA Johnny Orion (X-Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena) who is the mastermind behind this band. He always has a great ear to produce weird grungy Goth music but he has gone with a more punky sound for this rendition. They smash through songs that seeing swapping of vocals between Chrispin and former Queen Adreena bass player Nomi Leonard and they have a weird look that see’s blazers mixed with florescent paint and blazers. They go crazy to every song smashing their guitars round with two drummers keeping a tribal beat in the background. Nomi tries to scare the crowd from song to song and launches herself at them grabbing throats and whatever she can get her hands on. This band are not as big as his other previous bands but they still have an attraction that makes you love them in a weird sexual way mixed with a flamboyant dislike for yourself. This band sets a mood in your head that cannot be destroyed this band are the Dogbones.

Daniel Cairns