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AAA Music | 17 December 2018

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Danish Ambient Pop: Keith Canisius – Neon Indian Remix

| On 15, Jun 2012

American-born Keith Canisius, now living in Denmark, is a self-taught producer and composer. Originally a part and creator of the Dream-pop, Shoehaze duo Rumskib, Keith has been recognized as one of the main suppliers of Dream pop, shoegaze, ambient, chillwave and psychedelic-minded music in Denmark.

Keith Canisius’ latest album, the critically acclaimed This Time It’s Our High from November 2011, received excellent reviews in the Danish medias even more so abroad, has kickstarted one of the most interesting times of Keith’s career. It was also this year Keith gathered his live band The Holy Dreamers, whom he has been playing several shows with now, including a support job for Americans Real Estate.

It can be difficult to categorize Keith’s music in a meaningful way. Inspirations from acts such as Ariel Pink, Cocteau Twins and 80’s electro pop might be fair to mention. But then again, Keith Canisius doesn’t really sound like any of these artists. He sounds like himself – a profoundly unique and indispensable figure on the Danish music scene, who definitely will be worth following in the years to come.

Keith is offering a remix of the Where Did You Go All These Years?. The track has been remixed by Ronnie Heart from Neon Indian fame.

You can check out the track here:

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