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AAA Music | 13 July 2020

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Ugly Kid Joe @ The Underworld

| On 18, Jun 2012

London, 10th June

Butcher Babies I only give them a two star rating for tonight’s performance that is a star a breast… cause that is all that seems to be on show tonight. They seem to be a Raucus noise fusion of cave man beasts that the Flinstones would have been proud of. Their set is really a total mess with everyone in the venue not actually knowing what is going on.

Fozzy are real rock stars with rock star attitudes and a frontman that can bring the walls down in Chris Jericho and they power through a short set of classic rock riffs and classic Rich Ward country attitude. Chris has really shown he is a proper metal singer in the last few years even though he is a big WWE star he still will meet his fans and play in small venues throughout the UK showing he has a good attitude and believes in what he is doing. Tonight set is mainly a lead on to tonight’s headliners…

Ugly kid Joe  it’s been fifteen odd years this they were last in the UK and it seems like it was only yesterday when they burst into ‘Neighbour’ a evil song about your worst nightmare neighbours they might be missing a member in the case of Shannon Larkin out on Godsmack duties and the addition of a new member in Sonny Mayo (Snot / Amen) on guitar making their sound heavier and more polished. The band actually look like they haven’t aged and this is the same to their sound which is as great as when they hit the charts with ‘Everything about You’ back in the 90’s. The funk bass hits in and the catchy lyrics are killer and the best is left to ‘Menace to Sobriety ‘ single ‘Milkmans Son’ which is an amazing vocal anomaly of amazing lyrical style. Also new songs like ‘Another Beer’ which is given acoustic life after they play their cover hit ‘Cats in the Cradle’ which is a rare intimate moment to experience in tonight’s venue cause it doesn’t often happen. ‘Another Beer which will also appear on their new EP ‘Stairway to Hell’ which is the first chance anyone will get to hear new music in quite a few years. They have another cover they play tonight which they have been playing for a number of years the Black Sabbath number ‘Sweet Leaf’ which really sets the feel for their download performance later that week. The set ends on a massive high with a plate of Sandwich’s going through the crowd as they play Sandwich a fan favourite the world out, but for most people the major highlight is to hear ‘Everything about You’ live and there is a lot of crowd participation in a final closure to a great return.

Ugly Kid Joe – Setlist

Panhandlin’ Prince
Milkman’s Son
Cats in the Cradle
Another Beer
Sweet Leaf
Make me Sick
I’m Alright
Tomorrow’s World
God damn Devil
Everything about You


Daniel Cairns