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AAA Music | 4 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 8 July 2012

Christa Vi’s ‘Long Way Home’ single EP released 30th July 2012.

8 July 2012 |

Christa Vi is an Australian/ German Singer Songwriter, based in East London. She combines her folky storytelling song writing style with eclectic instrumentation, electronic elements and emotive vocals. Inspired to sing and write music by life’s hard knocks, long … Read More

Luke White – Outside In

8 July 2012 |

“Outside In” is the debut album from solo artist Luke White. Although he could technically be described as a singer songwriter White’s songs often sound more like a band effort. They are big songs with textured sounds and layered … Read More

Joia – Match Light

8 July 2012 |

Joia are a female fronted 5 piece alternative pop-rock band from Essex. Although the band only formed in 2011, between them the group have no shortage of experience, with each member having as colourful a music past as the … Read More

Angus Stone – Broken Brights

8 July 2012 |

As he continues to perform separately from his band mate and musical sibling Julia, Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone has really come into his own and has managed to create a solid sophomore solo album “Broken Brights”. The album consists … Read More

Arrows of Love – Honey

8 July 2012 |

A song called Honey by a band called Arrows of Love – oh, good Lord, this must be super cheesy. Nah.

Arrows of Love is a five piece band from Hackney, London and they play loud stuff that you … Read More

Introducing Dreamstealer

8 July 2012 |

DREAMSTEALER (Arno Guveau) was a regular busker on the London Underground.

These proved to be formative years as it was during this time that he developed his own style, which later grew into “Funky Blues“.


Read More

Cornshed Sisters Unveil London Gig

8 July 2012 |

Cornshed Sisters London gig and free covers album special offer:

The Cornshed Sisters will be playing a gig in London on Thursday the 19th of July 2012 at St. Pancras Old Church. The venue has a capacity of 100, so … Read More

Matthew P – Long Straight Lines

8 July 2012 |

Long Straight Lines is the latest single taken from Matthew P’s Long Straight Lines. Created from P’s very own beach hut, it’s an infectiously catchy track and makes for the perfect summer song. Whether you like his Jack Johnson-esque surfer-pop … Read More

Holy Vessels – Springtime Bloom

8 July 2012 |

Springtime Bloom is the debut single from the forthcoming Holy Vessels’ album, Last Orders At The Marshall Arms. It has a very chilled out feel to it, the casually strummed guitar mixed with relaxed vocals and melodic harmonies. Certainly … Read More

Future of the Left – I Am the Least of Your Problems

8 July 2012 |

I Am the Least of Your Problems is taken from Future of the Left’s new album, The Plot Against Common Sense. It’s a heavy, angsty and brooding track. It’s the kind of song that kind of takes over your … Read More