Joia – Match Light

Joia are a female fronted 5 piece alternative pop-rock band from Essex. Although the band only formed in 2011, between them the group have no shortage of experience, with each member having as colourful a music past as the next. “Match Light” consists of 4 tracks and serves as a good introduction to what this band is all about.
The tracks are highly polished with a modern contemporary sound. “Enough of You” is a jaunty track with high energy and strong instrumentation that really carries the song. On “Let Down” the band shows a softer side, this track really displays the vocal ability of lead singer Athina Andrelos whose vocals are crystal clear and confident throughout. Title track “Match Light” is the most musically complex track on the EP it has an interesting change of tempos and dynamics. Joia have a radio-friendly sound that will definitely work in their favour- expect to hear more from this band in the near future.

Orna Lyons