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AAA Music | 21 January 2020

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Daily Archives: 16 July 2012

Eugene Twist – The Boy Who Had Everything

16 July 2012 |

Although I’m normally toxically averse to singer-songwriters, I’ll have to admit surrender. Eugene Twist is singer-songwriter to the nth degree on ‘The Boy Who Had Everything’, but in all honesty, his songs are so accessible in that rare and … Read More

LUKE RITCHIE – The Water’s Edge

16 July 2012 |

Luke Ritchie is a London based acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter. He’s played with The Golden Retrievers and acclaimed folk singer Hannah Peel. His debut album The Water’s Edge is released on July 23rd, 2012 on the Angel Falls label. … Read More

St Spirit – Road At The Rise

16 July 2012 |

Despite claims to post-rock, what I first heard in St Spirit’s ‘Road At The Rise’ is heavy doses of The Smiths, albeit wrapped in a rather more artsy shell. The reliance on shrouds of lilting, atmospheric guitar melody is … Read More

Luke White – Made of Love

16 July 2012 |

Luke White releases his single, Made of Love, prior to the release of his debut album, Outside In. The single is a well written song, catchy with endearing vocals and jagged guitar. It certainly showcases that Luke White is … Read More

Zann Family – Coronation of the Mercurial

16 July 2012 |

If you’re looking for some weird and crazy experimental and electronic drone music, then this is the record for you. Clocking up to nearly half an hour in length, this one track album is not for the simple hearted. It … Read More

The Ironweed Project – These Chains Ain’t Gonna Hold Me

16 July 2012 |

The Ironweed Project is vocalist, writer and producer, Aniff Akinola’s latest music project. The album has a blues style to it, mixed with modern influences like dubstep and rock. The album opens with The Whole World On Fire, which … Read More

We’re No Heroes – Ghost Coast

16 July 2012 |

Homogeneity has always been, and always will be, for better or worse, like a symbiotic parasite to the music industry. So the refreshing thing I can say about Welsh trio We’re No Heroes is that they are different. And … Read More

Conformist – Paid To Fake It

16 July 2012 |

I’m finding it slightly hysterical that by virtue of this, well, not being a classical album, the first album by Pembrokeshire born, Cardiff based artist (in every sense of the word) Conformist, known to his mum as Michael Simmons, … Read More

Hot Panda – Go Outside

16 July 2012 |

“Go Outside” is the third album from Canadian indie band Hot Panda and is due to be released on 16th July through Canadian label Mint Records. This album marks a slight departure for the band who say that this … Read More

Jeff Mc Leod – Under Dim Self

16 July 2012 |

Jeff McLeod has been involved in music for many years and has played in every type of band from cheesy pop cover groups to hardcore metal. He says that the only thread connecting them is his love for improvisation. … Read More