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AAA Music | 6 December 2019

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Hot Panda – Go Outside

| On 16, Jul 2012

“Go Outside” is the third album from Canadian indie band Hot Panda and is due to be released on 16th July through Canadian label Mint Records. This album marks a slight departure for the band who say that this album is a more stable creation that has a more mature and thoughtful tone than any of their previous work.
The album opens with “One in The Head One In The Chest” an energetic track that features a slick guitar solo midway through and confrontational lyrics “I’m the asshole with the biggest gun”. Future Markets is a catchy number with a great melody- it is an understated song that is sure to get you bopping along with the music. “Holidays” is a more moody number with echoed vocals and more melancholy lyric- the use of brass instruments really gives the song an extra edge and fits the sound of the song perfectly.
Title track “Go Outside” is another catchy song with a strong chorus it is one of the most radio friendly songs on this album- I would not be surprised if it is one of the singles from this release. The use of female backing vocals is a great touch and gives the song a more kooky sound. “See You All Around” is a classic upbeat indie track with fast paced lyrics that are sung, whispered and cooed- I think this would be a great song to see and hear live as there is a lot going on with various different sounds and interjections giving the song a unique sound.
“Go Outside” may be more mature than Hot Panda’s previous albums but they are not quite grown up yet- the band have obviously had fun with this album. The majority of the songs have an upbeat vibe and feature different production techniques to give them a unique edge.

Orna Lyons