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AAA Music | 20 April 2018

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Fantasy Rainbow – O Weirdo

| On 06, Aug 2012

O Weirdo is the new single from Fantasy Rainbow. It consists of two similar, but also musically different tracks, the eponymous O Weirdo and Para Parakeet. The overall feel of this single is of the pop-rock genre; it is light but still has many elements that lovers of both would enjoy.

O Weirdo begins with a simple motif on the guitar which soon opens into the song proper. Throughout the track, the guitar part is relatively simple but helps to provide a sense of balance and adds to the texture of the track itself. Not long into the song the main vocals begin. The singers’ voice is quite high, close to a tenor or baritone register. Throughout the piece the singer uses his voice to slide between notes to help add to the harmonies with the underlying bass and guitar parts. The drum line itself helps to keep the sense of rhythm in this track, but at many points can be a tad overpowering, though in general it is rather balanced and provides to the overall texture of the track. Overall, O Weirdo is a very light track that can be enjoyed when on the go, or when relaxing; it’s a very all-purpose track.

Para Parakeet is the next track in this single. The opening feels to be a continuation of O Weirdo, as if the tracks are a run-on. The guitar in this track is simpler than in O Weirdo, but has a few simple motifs that help to provide structure and a sense of musical direction, aiding the vocal line. The vocals are very similar to O Weirdo, using the same slides very often to achieve an interesting harmonic effect. The drums in this track are fairly similar to the last, but do tend to be very overpowering in many instances which can detract from the piece. The track ends with warped noises which give and interesting effect. Like the previous track, it is very light and good whether you are on the move or just at home listening to music.

Overall, I would give this single a rating of 4 out of 5. It is very enjoyable, but there are some elements that detract from it as a whole.

Rhys Maroney