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AAA Music | 4 August 2020

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Tamara Schlesinger – The Procession

| On 06, Aug 2012

The Procession is 6 Day Riot frontwoman Tamara Schlesinger’s first solo record. This is an album of subtle vision and great fascination. It creates a forest-like atmosphere, full of the sophisticated yet natural flow of sounds that might characterize it. I Go starts things off with a sweet yet brave melodic air, which is typical of the whole album. So Long is a definite highlight, with Tamara’s voice harmonizing in a scattered chorale, which infuses the track with the kind of pop that feels uplifting and inspired. Again is another sophisticated pop number, startling in its bold use of rhythm. Tamara’s voice is, throughout the record, the biggest charmer; colourful, mysterious and refined. On album closer Who’s Won it is exalted to its highest degree, as the tremulous violin and keyboards build an elegant and intimate end to this journey. The Procession makes for a beautiful, spiritual listening experience, creating a whole, fantastic world within itself.

Chiara Amoretti