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AAA Music | 26 September 2018

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| On 20, Aug 2012

London based Yael Claire a.k.a Spiritwo felt inspired to cover Bjork’s famous track “Oceania” which the singer sang at the Olympics in Athens in 2004 after witnessing all of the hype and excitement of the London Olympics this year. Spiritwo’s interpretation of the “Oceania” certainly adds a different flavour to this track, described as an “electro-middle eastern” sound. In keeping with Bjork’s kooky style the accompanying video is very artsy and alternative. The video portrays a journey made from Israel to Hackney, the video serves as a perfect visual representation to the song and it is nice to see Spiritwo’s interpretation of the song.
This cover makes use of a multitude of different instruments from drums, flute to steel strings. The result is a track that this version sounds very little like the original, however knowing Bjork’s penchant for all things unique and original I can’t see her being too disappointed with this effort.

Orna Lyons