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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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Daily Archives: 27 August 2012

BLOODSTOCK 2012 – Live Review

27 August 2012 |

BLOODSTOCK produces a triumph of a festival in 2012!!! With Fire, Explosions and Metal!!!


Saturnian (Sophie Stage) are a really good way to start off a festival they are a great up and coming Black Metal band that … Read More

Sucioperro – Fused

27 August 2012 |

It can’t be nice for any band to live out their existence in the shadow of another, much more successful, one. But surely, a point must come when that band should accept that from now on they’re going to … Read More


27 August 2012 |

The title for this album “Hello All Stations, This is Zero” is taken from a wartime radio call signal from the 1940’s- signalling the start of a message. A clever title, as no doubt Sebastopol are trying to transmit … Read More

The Coronas – Dreaming Again

27 August 2012 |

Dublin four-piece The Coronas are Ireland’s most promising band of the moment, and their latest single Dreaming Again boldly confirms this. It is a refreshing, hopeful rock song with a melody so classy and charming it immediately reminds you … Read More

Charlie Lankester & The Mojo Killers – Song In A Minor Key

27 August 2012 |

‘Song in a Minor Key’ is, quite simply, a collection of both chilled but uplifting songs. It’s very much a bluesy based album – all of the songs have a hint of the blues about them, in both melancholy … Read More

Society – All That We’ve Become

27 August 2012 |

I would love to start this review with a little bit of information about Society but the truth of the matter is I don’t know anything about them. Google didn’t exactly prove too helpful either – all I managed … Read More

Baked A La Ska – Just Desserts

27 August 2012 |

Baked A La Ska are very, very silly. ‘Just Desserts’ is the second album by this 11-piece ska band, and it’s an eccentric mixture of traditional ska and psychedelic experimentation. It’s weird. It’s crazy. Sometimes it’s too weird and … Read More

The Look – Let It Go

27 August 2012 |

Remember The Look? Didn’t think so. Chances are, however, you will remember (or at least recognise) their 1981 hit ‘I Am The Beat’ – their one and only hit. You see, The Look were a short-lived pop-rock band – one … Read More

Halfway To New York – What a Way To Go

27 August 2012 |

Here’s another dull pop-rock ballad from the simpering sensitive souls that make up Halfway To New York. As familiar as your own reflection, there really isn’t much excuse for the overwhelming blandness of this song. Check out the hopelessly … Read More

Gemma Hayes – Shock To My System

27 August 2012 |

Soft whispery vocals, tinkling bells and light acoustic guitar strumming all combine for this rather insipid affair, reminiscent of Snow Patrol at their most sugary. I can imagine it featuring at the dramatic climax of some dire romantic comedy, … Read More