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AAA Music | 31 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 2 September 2012

F*** n Filthy Tour Dates Announced

2 September 2012 |

Rock n roll is not a clean business. Two bands not afraid to get their hand dirty are The Dark Lights (London) and Coroner for the Police (Manchester). Tapping into their “Do It Together” ethos, they have joined forces … Read More

The Ready Stance Give Away Free Track

2 September 2012 |

The Ready Stance are giving away a free download of ‘Disgruntled’ from their latest critically acclaimed album Damdest.

The Ready Stance are lead vocalist and guitarist Chase Johnston, an Ohio native and alumni of the Athens, Georgia, music scene; … Read More


2 September 2012 |

BROKEN & UNEVEN PRESENT: THE HYDRA After our inaugural launch of events in Spring 2012 Broken & Uneven return to deliver an autumn/winter series that can only be described as mammoth. With 11 concisely programmed events that will fall underneath … Read More

The Robbie Boyd Band- When I Believe in Love

2 September 2012 |

The Robbie Boyd Band are described as a “feel-good funky folk” ensemble from London. The band have a natural knack for creating excellently crafted folk-pop tunes that are guaranteed to stick in your head after only one listen. With … Read More

Soledad Vélez- Wild Fishing

2 September 2012 |

Soledad Vélez is a female acoustic folk singer from Chile. Rather than sing softly along to the gentle tones of the backing music on this album Vélez croons and howls passionately throughout Wild Fishing. Her vocals are haunting, as … Read More

The Fallows – Face The Wolves

2 September 2012 |

I’d be lying to say The Fallows’ ‘Face The Wolves’ is not a powerful album. In fact, their sound is strong and individual enough to mark them out, and the songs themselves are far from dislikeable, mixing New Model … Read More

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band – When I’m President

2 September 2012 |

Despite the album title, legendary frontman Ian Hunter claims that his latest effort, ‘When I’m President’, is a less political, more cheerful affair than his last two releases. And while this is far from a collection of sunny pop … Read More

KIERAN LEONARD – Out Of Work Astronaut

2 September 2012 |

Kieran Leonard is a refreshing new singer-songwriter who uses his wit and individuality to sing passionately about things he feels strongly about. He’s well known for his single Jerusalem, used by director Ridley Scott as a sound track to … Read More