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AAA Music | 7 July 2020

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Daily Archives: 10 September 2012

The Coronas – “Dreaming Again”

10 September 2012 |

“Dreaming Again” is the latest offering from Dublin four piece The Coronas. The band, who released their third album this summer have seen their success spread from their home turf across to the UK where they have played a … Read More

The Raveonettes – Observator

10 September 2012 |

Observator is the 6th studio album from Danish indie-rock duo Raveonettes. The album will be released on September the 11th via Vice Records. Interestingly, though the record took a long time (several months) to write- it was recorded in … Read More


10 September 2012 |

As an Irish actress and singer songwriter, Maria Doyle Kennedy is well known for her parts as Queen Katherine of Aragon in the award winning The Tudors and evil Mrs Bates in Downton Abbey. Influenced by Patti Smith and … Read More

Ellie Lawson – Learn

10 September 2012 |

The sheer saturation of the market with singer-songwriters that sound “a bit like that” right now makes it hard to listen to any without a slightly jaded ear, and sadly Ellie Lawson’s latest single ‘Learn’ suffers the fate of being … Read More


10 September 2012 |

Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira moved to London in 2004 to study jazz under Stuart Hall and Mike Outram at Middlesex University. He’s played with well-known figures like trumpeter Dave Smith and bassist Will Collier. His quintet contains some of … Read More

The Lonsdale Boys Club – The Lonsdale Boys Club

10 September 2012 |

The three lads that form the Lonsdale Boys Club, hailing from London, are championing a highly infectious mix of disco and hip hop with the typically Londonesque shades of rock and indie. This is an ambitious sound, and on … Read More


10 September 2012 |

Wait, hang on… who gave permission for a Christian country rock band that’ve spent this summer supporting Taylor Swift to rock like absolute bastards? Seriously, I cued up this South Carolina quartet’s fourth album expecting wall to wall simpering … Read More

Kinnie The Explorer – Kinnie The Explorer

10 September 2012 |

It seems too often nowadays that any newly released album you can listen to conforms to the lifeless, lacklustre formula of ‘Here’s some songs on a disc’, each one isolated and nicely tailored for retail and radio airplay. It’s … Read More

Linda Harrison – Overexposure

10 September 2012 |

Overexposure’ is the new song by Linda Harrison. The overall genre of this track is rock.

The track has a good use of female vocals with the backing instrumentals. The vocalist uses a wide range of tones available … Read More