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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 17 September 2012

Sonnymoon – Sonnymoon

17 September 2012 |

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I had the pleasure of reviewing the benevolent planet Sonnymoon’s brand new celestial aural transmission, broadcast Earthwards to spread love, togetherness, and buzzing basslines. The eponymous debut album, recently … Read More

Seaming – Mermaid

17 September 2012 |

Seaming Mermaid is an eclectic mix of sounds that create an interesting series of tracks. The vocals are interesting and provide a strange sound that works well with the backing music. The overall music throughout is more similar to … Read More

Kimberly Anne – Bury it There

17 September 2012 |

Bury It There is the new EP from Brit-school graduate Kimberly Anne. The EP consists of 5 tracks, opening on title track “Bury It There”- this is a mid tempo, acoustic tune with jazzy guitar accompaniment and a cool … Read More

Benny Marchant – One More Chance

17 September 2012 |

Benny Marchant is an American solo artist who plays with the backing of a five piece band- he has just released their latest album “One More Chance” and will embark on a US tour over the next couple of … Read More

Negative Pegasus – Looming

17 September 2012 |

When it comes to music, you can’t trust what you read. Except this. Everything on this site should be taken as gospel, y’hear? Good. Anyway, when reading about a bands sound one should always be aware that things will … Read More

Street Party in Soho – Take Your Time

17 September 2012 |

Never underestimate the power of a great song. Street Party in Soho take all the necessary tropes associated with so-called Landfill Indie (regional accents, cheesewire guitars, danceable rhthyms, guitars strapped up to their chests) and manage to throw all … Read More