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AAA Music | 23 January 2020

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Daily Archives: 28 October 2012

Shout Timber – East India Trading Company

28 October 2012 |

We’ve heard the angsty urban poetics and snarling jangle of indie; that seems to be evermore a fading memory as its brighter, jeering cousin comes increasingly to prominence, all sunbeams and smiles. Following the trend set by bands such … Read More

The Hickey Underworld – I’m Under The House, I’m Dying

28 October 2012 |

I like post-hardcore. A lot. However, I have become quite picky about my post-hardcore – a predictable result of the oversaturation of the scene. There are too many post-hardcore bands, and it’s hard to find bands that bring something … Read More

Huey and the New Yorkers – Say It My Face

28 October 2012 |

Huey and the New Yorkers is the new moniker for Fun Loving Criminals frontman and BBC radio DJ Huey Morgan, and ‘Say It To My Face’ is the new album from this solo project.

Intentionally more mature than … Read More

Candice Gordon – Cannibal Love

28 October 2012 |

Despite her presence on the various social networks, singer-songwriter Candice Gordon has managed to retain an air of mystery – there isn’t much information about her background on the ol’ Internet, aside from the fact that she is now … Read More

Severin – Ways to Distract

28 October 2012 |

Given the current trend of two piece bands springing up this way and that, it must be something of an annoyance to that most classic example of the pop two piece, the synth-pop duo, that they’ve kind of fallen … Read More

John Wean – M.A.P

28 October 2012 |

You know, this might be down to my status as someone who writes about songs, rather than someone who actually writes songs, but I think that the phrase “Write about what you know” is one that should be taken … Read More

Ikil Oriion – Paranoise Void

28 October 2012 |

Last week I reviewed a band claiming to play a mix of punk rock and soul, they also claimed to be vampires but the mix of Punk and soul alone got me very, very interested indeed. Unfortunately, they didn’t … Read More


28 October 2012 |

Skyfall, by successful composer Thomas Newman, is the soundtrack to the 23rd James Bond film of the same name. Half a century of Bond films has now passed and he’s become the ninth composer . It’s the first time … Read More

Toodar Unveils ‘So’

28 October 2012 |

29th October 2012


Toodar create the most beautiful multi-coloured pop music- I’m an unashamed fan…’’

Tom Robinson – BBC6 music

An emotive piece of musical art, the track combines … Read More

Mencap announces further acts for Little Noise Sessions including headliners Olly Murs and Amy Macdonald and support fromLawson

28 October 2012 |

Mencap announces further acts for Little Noise Sessions including headliners Olly Murs and Amy Macdonald and support fromLawson


Special guest Jessie Ware joins The Maccabees and Jamie N Commons on Friday 23rd Nov

Karin Park and Loveable Rogues also confirmed to play

Following the first … Read More