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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 5 November 2012

Damn Vandals – This Amazing

5 November 2012 |

Well, this is just inconsiderate. Damn Vandals here seem to have the gall to sound recognisably like a guitar band but not immediately bring to mind another band. While this is fantastic news to them, as they already seem … Read More

Bad for Lazarus – My Muddle

5 November 2012 |

You can have as much deafening feedback as you want, as many smashed guitars and Metal Machine Music’s as you want, the weirdest songs will always be the ones with an enormous, heaping dose of melody along with its … Read More

Autoheart – Control

5 November 2012 |

I’m never sure whether to trust any band that actively refers themselves as a “Pop group”. I mean, I know that any band that plays music and appeals to a wide variety of people is technically a “Pop group” … Read More

Ash Gray and the Girls – Born in the Summer

5 November 2012 |

I think you’ll agree that early November is a very odd time to receive one of the sunniest and most summery records I’ve ever heard, but if you stay indoors, shut your eyes and wear loads of clothes you … Read More

Andrew James O’Brien – Songs for Searchers

5 November 2012 |

Songs for Searchers is the new album by Andrew James O’Brien. Upon listening, this album seems to be of the light rock genre, though there are some other influences within the tracks themselves.

The vocalist has a very soothing … Read More

Crowns – Stitches in the Flag

5 November 2012 |

Stitches in the Flag is the new album by Crowns. It seems to be of the rock genre, with some other influences.

The vocalist has quite a catchy voice, which he has used to great effect with the very … Read More

Fantasy Rainbow – Bo Taurus

5 November 2012 |

Bos Taurus is the new album by Fantasy Rainbow. This album is of a light or alternate rock genre.

The vocals are quite interesting, contrasting to the harmonies and countermelodies of the instrumentals below to create a thicker overall … Read More

Dr. Meaker – Fighter

5 November 2012 |

Fighter is the new release by Dr Meaker. If given a genre that best fit this, it would be dubstep.

This release was a bit harder to get into. The tracks didn’t feel as well structured; the samples were … Read More

Matt Cardle – It’s Only Love

5 November 2012 |

It’s Only Love is the new single by Matt Cardle. The overall feel is more of pop-rock, though it does feel hard to categorise in just one genre so easily.

The vocals are very powerful, conveying a very powerful effect … Read More

City Reign – Ahead Of Ideas

5 November 2012 |

Ahead of Ideas is the new single by City Reign. It feels like it fits well into a light rock genre.

The track has nice vocals which sit very well on top of the backing instrumentals. At points, the … Read More