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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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Jo Mango – Murmuration

| On 05, Nov 2012

Murmuration is Jo Mango’s second album, which is set for release on the 5th of November.  From the first song on the album, The Black Sun, it is easy to see that Mango is a wonderful lyricist, possessing skills of imagery beyond most musical acts. The Black Sun is a beautiful opener of wistful guitar and soft vocals. There is also a lovely variety to Mango’s music, ranging from guitar and piano to omnichord and kalimba, harmonium and bowed glockenspiel. The range of often unusual tools offers a wonderful freshness and variety to the album, truly setting it apart and making the listener truly listen. On The Black Sun, a backing of choir-like echo can also be heard accompanying Mango’s vocals about half way through, which although I felt seemed crowded on first listen, I know feel shows this variety and gives an eerie sense of the past and a longing for it.

Mango’s songs have a wonderful depth to them, yet at the same time they retain a wonderful sense of light from the vivid imagery created in the lyrics and the music. You can see even from the song titles that this is a dreamy album, with titles like, The Moth And The Moon, Kingdom and The Freedom of Seamonsters. It appeals very much to the ear of a dreamer, with Mango’s singing like beautiful whispers of nature and lyrics which build a world. It’s very much a folk-inspired album, yet sets itself apart from what has lately been an over-saturated scene.


It’s a lovely album that needs to be heard to be believed. The album reminds me of Long Gone Before Daylight by The Cardigans to an extent, in the folk-tinged style of the instruments and the vocal style. And as that is one of my favourite albums, that must be a complement. Certainly worth a listen for folk fans and dreamers.


Rose Benge