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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 12 November 2012

Fight The Dice – Bad Decisions

12 November 2012 |

Well, at the very least, this is interesting. In their debut single, Fight The Dice seem to have collected all the parts of the past decade of homespun pop-rock that inspire an extreme reaction and piled them into the same … Read More

Stumbleine – Spiderwebbed

12 November 2012 |

Apparently, according to the BBC, this is “accessible”. I’m very much not sure what to think of this, because in my experience, “accessible” records tend to be the ones you don’t feel the need to have a PHD in … Read More

Funeral For A Friend – Best Friends and Hospital Beds

12 November 2012 |

It’s tracks like these that make me appreciate just how many different aspects combine to make a great song, and how if one of these aspects is a little bit off the whole project suffers for it. In this … Read More

Just Music Cafe’ Vol. 3 Poolside

12 November 2012 |

Just Music Café Vol. 3 Poolside beats is a compilation album. It’s quite hard to give this album a particular genre, though there are elements of minimalism. The melodies sort of blend in throughout this compilation, though as a … Read More

Bad Powers – Bad Powers

12 November 2012 |

Bad Powers is the new album by Bad Powers. This album can be considered part of a hard/heavy rock genre, with some elements of metal. The vocals are rather interesting; the singer uses her voice to change from melodic … Read More

The Good The Bad – From 034 To 050

12 November 2012 |

“From 034 To 050” is the new album from The Good The Bad. This album’s genre is easily of the rock style. The tracks are voiceless and are though some human voice can be heard in some tracks, should … Read More

Evanstar – I Won’t Regret

12 November 2012 |

Evanstar greet us with an electronic heartbeat which fades into rhythmic percussion and leads into a louder and guitar-based chorus. The lyrics are a bit naff and the vocals are a bit standard, but it’s quite a catchy song. … Read More

Deafkid – Talk

12 November 2012 |

Deafkid start their single, Talk, with acoustic guitars that seem to set us up for a pretty conventional record. However, then in come the whispery and ghostly vocals and electronica. The percussion in parts of the song is rather … Read More

Tinlin – Shade of the Shadows

12 November 2012 |

The album opens with glorious guitar melodies and wonderful vocal harmonies on their track, Do I Deny. Rolf and Alex Tinlin’s vocals and instrumentals blend together to produce an opener which is sleek and polished but yet doesn’t lose … Read More

BEN CAPLAN & THE CASUAL SMOKERS – In The Time Of The Great Remembering

12 November 2012 |

Versatile Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Caplan, from Nova Scotia on the east coast, plays traditional folk, blues, soul and jazz. He’s always worked with a constantly changing group of musicians playing bass, violin, piano, cello, flute and sax. Ben’s full … Read More