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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Primavera Sound 2013: Weekend Tickets Price Changed

29 December 2012 |

Buy your Primavera Sound 2013 full festival ticket until 7th January at the reduced price of 145€. From Tuesday 8th it will cost 160€. The sales points are Codetickets, Atrapalo, Ticketscript, Ticketmaster, Seetickets, Fnac France and through the Primavera Sound … Read More

Rocketeer – Sirens + Lovers

17 December 2012 |

Rocketeer are a British indie five-piece, who have been drinking, writing and performing together since 2007. ‘Sirens + Lovers’ is their debut album, and it features an eclectic concoction of elements and genres. Incorporating parts of Arctic Monkeys, Franz … Read More

Honey Rider – Marley’s Chains

17 December 2012 |

You will probably have heard ‘Annie’s Song’. It is the soundtrack for TalkTalk’s current TV campaign. It’s all over the television. As a result, British trio Honey Ryder, the pop-folk band behind ‘Annie’s Song’, have latched it onto their … Read More

Futur Primitif – Nuclear Shockwave

17 December 2012 |

Futur Primitif are an electronic/electric folk duo (light on the electronics), and is the brainchild of exceptional singer-songwriter Daniel Lefkowitz. Completed by synth and drum machine programmer Jared Elmore, Futur Primitif make crackly, distorted indie folk, with ‘Nuclear Shockwave’ … Read More

Miss Terry Blue – Hush

17 December 2012 |

Sometimes when I really take a step back and look at the music that is popular on the airwaves and the ipods, and take a good look at the music that I listen to personally, it blows my mind … Read More

Phil Tangent – Restitution/Squaring the Circle

17 December 2012 |

Dull and monotonous, there’s little of interest or creativity here. It’s another repetitive drum and bass track, a beat humming along in the background, vocal samples occasionally making an appearance, and uninteresting riffs, neither developed nor juxtaposed. It may … Read More

Ellie Lawson – Insights

17 December 2012 |

There’s nothing especially wrong with this EP from Ellie Taylor, but at the same time, there’s nothing especially remarkable about it either. Mostly comprised from acoustic almost folk-like numbers, and with slightly portentous lyrics, it’s a perfectly pleasant but … Read More

Cub Scouts – Told You See

17 December 2012 |

Australian indie band Cub Scouts has produced a really neat debut EP in the form of Told You So. Opening number Evie is a gentle and repetitive number which manages to stay on the right side of sentimentality. Melodious … Read More

Abbe May – Karmageddon

17 December 2012 |

This new song from Abbe May is an interesting electro track with psychedelic overtones. Static harmonies, harsh and sparse synth textures, persistent drones and a cold vocal performance from May all combine for an atmospheric and idiosyncratic number, that … Read More

LAVENDER DIAMOND – Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now

17 December 2012 |

Indie folk quartet Lavender Diamond are part of the ‘New Weird America’ movement in Los Angeles. They’re quirky, refined and complex. The group comprises Becky Stark (vocals), Jeff Rosenberg (guitar), Steve Gregoropoulous (piano) and Ron Regé Jr. (drums). Strings … Read More