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AAA Music | 7 June 2020

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Daily Archives: 4 February 2013

Angus McOg – Arnaut

4 February 2013 |

Arnaut is the new album by Angus McOg. It has quite a light and gentle rock style to it, very pleasant. The vocals are gentle and warm, very relaxing and inviting. They rest very subtly above the often acoustic … Read More

Piatcions – Heaven’s Sins

4 February 2013 |

‘Heaven’s Sins’ is the new EP by Piatcions. This EP certainly had many elements, making it a bit harder to classify, but I felt it to be of the rock and a bit of the alternative genres. The melodies … Read More


4 February 2013 |

Irish folk singer Mary Dillon is the sister of singer Cara Dillon. She’s known for her work with the traditional band Deanta. In 2010 she pursued a solo career with the release of her EP Army Dreamers and she … Read More

Hannah Boleyn – When You’re Gone

4 February 2013 |

My first thought is that the vocals and lyrics make the artist seem a bit like an Amy Winehouse wannabe. The problem is it doesn’t stand out. The vocals are decent but the instrumental is weak and dull. The … Read More

Rita Ora – Radioactive

4 February 2013 |

I’m sure it’ll be a popular track and all. But when I pressed play on this track my first thought was ‘when did this become music?’ Her voice is grating on the ears and the track is oversaturated with … Read More

Al Lewis – Make A Little Room

4 February 2013 |

Make A Little Room is Welsh singer-songwriter Al Lewis’ new single. Romantic and sweet, Lewis’ singing is endearing and harmonies beautifully with the backing vocals. It’s a very catchy, commercial and polished track. The lyrics are a little cheesy … Read More

Fuzzy Lights – Rule Of Twelfths

4 February 2013 |

I guess that since music itself is now more easily accsesible than pretty much anything else in the world bar perhaps oxygen, the whole idea of a band name, album title and album cover making a statement about a … Read More

PAUL HARDCASTLE – Electrofied 80s Essential

4 February 2013 |

English composer and musician Paul Hardcastle is well known for  house, freestyle, boogie, synthpop and electronica.  He was a 1980s pioneer before  becoming recognised for smooth jazz and soulful chill-out grooves. The synthesizer is his specialisation.


His retrospective … Read More