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AAA Music | 21 August 2018

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Piatcions – Heaven’s Sins

| On 04, Feb 2013

‘Heaven’s Sins’ is the new EP by Piatcions. This EP certainly had many elements, making it a bit harder to classify, but I felt it to be of the rock and a bit of the alternative genres.
The melodies are very interesting, slowly changing and weaving in and out to make a very interesting listen to. Throughout the tracks, some similar ideas are heard, which helps to bring together this idea of continuity in the music. The harmony is quite unique, hard to tell where it’s going, but it’s very rich without being too thick or too thin, just enough to get the message across. The choice of instruments is interesting, despite the strange sounding of this EP, there are very few instruments and of those, fewer that could be considered strange by current standards. The use of percussion changes slightly between the tracks, but is always pleasing and keeps a nice pulse throughout, very satisfying and enjoyable to listen to.
Overall, this EP is very interesting and has a good replay value. There are some elements of it which are very catchy and it’s a very good testament to how an artist can tailor a piece to do what they want.

Rhys Maroney