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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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| On 13, Mar 2013


Formed in 2008, London-based electro rock band Blindness are releasing their second EP at the end of this month.

Last One Dies is the opening track of the EP. The song starts with a strong and distinctive sound that instantly catches my attention. The twangy U2ish guitars and tight rhythmical section make it interesting. But when the vocals begin it is impossible to ignore that they are too damn quiet. I don’t understand why the guitars are louder than the vocals – it instantly takes away from my enjoyment since I’m struggling to hear to the singer. And this is a shame since the melody is nice and catchy.

By the second track the mix is really starting to bother me. Again, there’s a nice vocal performance and melody, but it just doesn’t stand out enough. The guitar riff is good at first, but by the song’s half-way point it is starting to becoming a bit repetitive and boring. Humming Song doesn’t sound like anything special and the whole mix lacks of intensity and character. The humming definitely needs a far greater presence.

The last track, Serves Me Right, starts with a nice bass line, instantly an attention-catcher, but by now the guitars are starting to sound too “Achtung Baby” for me. The vocal melody is predictable and, again, is too quiet. I can’t seem to find anything really interesting about this track and  I am bit surprised that they chose this song to be part of the EP. There is a lack of dynamics and textures that makes the whole EP a bit dull.

Good ideas, but not very well executed.

Laura Carvajalino