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AAA Music | 12 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 22 April 2013

Skid Row – Live @ HRH AOR Festival

22 April 2013 |

Rotherham, April 6th

Opening with ‘Slave to the Grind’ you think you would be instantly impressed but it falls a little flat and ‘Big Guns’ is much better with singer Johnny Solinger not having the vocal range to hit all the notes, but don’t think … Read More

Tesseract – Live @ HRH Prog Festival

22 April 2013 |

Rotherham, April 6th

Tesseract are very different from most bands you would find at a Prog festival, for a start most people would classify them as Metal. I think Tesseract are much more than aMetal band they mix up Progressive Rock and Metal riffs that might come from bands such … Read More

Tesla – Live @ HRH AOR Festival

22 April 2013 |

Rotherham, April 6th

Legends Tesla tear shreds out of Rotherham!

Tesla love or hate them Tesla really gave it their all today and were just the right band for the job in Rotherham. I am not a massive fan myself but I have … Read More

Shigeto + Kelpe – Album Launch

22 April 2013 |

Shigeto + Kelpe 14th June @ Eletcrowerkz!

Combining the precision of electronic music with the spontaneity of live drumming can make for some outstanding musical moments if done well; so on June 14th we’re in for a real treat as … Read More


22 April 2013 |

Thea Gilmore has been described as one of the few world class female singer-songwriters Britain has ever produced. In 2011 she released a collaboration with the late Sandy Denny entitled Don’t Stop Singing and, in 2012, … Read More

Stop Making Sense announces full lineup

22 April 2013 |

Stop Making Sense announces full lineup // Sebo K and Session Victim lock in!

Stop Making Sense

August 1-4 2013

The Garden, Tisno, Croatia /

Stop Making Sense announces the final roll-call of … Read More


22 April 2013 |

New Orleans act Generationals have a retro pop sound to them, they’re even releasing their latest album Heza on cassette as well as LP to accentuate this. They must miss cassettes as much as me, I suppose. The album jumps … Read More

COCOVAN – Bang Bang

22 April 2013 |

The vocals kind of remind me of Diana Vickers from the X Factor but I think I can overlook that aspect. The music is inspired by New Order and David Bowie as well as more current pop … Read More

OLYMPIANS – Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams

22 April 2013 |

I would totally understand if the term Math-Pop makes you flee in abject terror, dear reader. God knows I have every time I’ve come across it prior to the latest single from Norwich based quartet Olympians. Surely … Read More

SERPENT OMEGA – Serpent Omega

22 April 2013 |

Rumbling from the speakers like a juggernaut of caustic immensity, Serpent Omega’s self-titled LP shakes up the tropes of blackened doom metal, by taking the ferocity of black metal and the heaviness of doom, rather than the … Read More