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AAA Music | 11 August 2022

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Death Valley Scars – Live @ London Lexington

| On 17, May 2013


Sunday 12th May

The most shocking Shock Rock show London has seen in a while!!!

Death Valley Scars are a Cult Industrial Shock Rock band from London England and this is their first show in their home city. The band that contains Dan Devour (Vocals), Chris Parker (Ex-Cryogenica) on (Bass), Amedeus (Guitar) and for this show Ays Kura (Die Kur) on (Keyboards). Ays produced their new and debut album ‘Suicide, Sex and Suffering’ which full version will be avaliable to download shortly. Tonight they are hitting the London Lexington as support to William Control the (Ex-Aiden) frontman and the venue is packed with anticipation for the bands performance.

Ays is the first person to hit the stage doing amazing keyboard sounds, before you hear the TV theme to the hit series Nip Tuck the room then goes quite and the first track of the bands album ‘An introduction to Suicide’ kicks in and you know the rest of the band will be coming on. The first members hit the stage, followed byDevour dressed in a long weird patchwork code, he creeps round the stage like a creature of the night before he grabs the microphone and you hear haunting sounds coming out of his mouth.


The band break into the first single off the album ‘Valentines Day’ a song that has gathered a underground following and praise from famous rockstar. Dan’s vocals blast out “Defecating on the afterlife’ and a shiver goes down every ones spines. Bass player Chris Parker is dressed with a skull mask and a black Deathstars Esq. cap and looks a picture and resembles members of the band Death SS the classicShock Rock band from Italy.

This is not your usual kind of band this is a band with something to say, and not everyone is going to like their message because it is dark and twisted. “I’ll make you Suffer!!!’ these words cut the audience and make them very afraid of this band. This is not a user friendly act that are going to be played on the radio, this is a band that mix the sounds of bands such as Nine inch Nails and Skinny Puppy with a show that Sheep on Drugs and Marilyn Manson would be happy with.

Breaking into their new single ‘No Suffering’ you realise this band could fill dance floors the catchy keyboard riffs played by Ays Kura are really hard hitting andDevour’s vocals are deep. Dan whips Chris with a ball whip and the carnage begins, each song is an onstage battle between the two band mates with each song the kicks and hits getting harder and more violent, this is quite something to be seen and not to be missed. This is probably one of the bands best songs of tonight and is well worth a listen.

The next song ‘Sexual Decimation’ is a sexually deviant song which would go down well in any Fetish club in the country. Containing the lyrics “Do you want the Sex” and “Don’t tell me you, don’t want the sex when I’m deep inside of you!!!” you realise this band are totally twisted. They chuck into the crowd condoms saying stuff like “Your a F**kin’ Whore’ on them to the delight of all the girls in the room. Or is it scaring every girl in the room, could be either one. They end this song with a weird sex phone call message and mass screaming of obscene messages which see the band furiously smashing into each other.


They follow this up with the track ‘Your F**king love’ a song that has Devourscreaming into a megaphone slamming it into the faces of band members and people in the audience, screaming about the destruction of the World and the Lexingtonand both Chris and Dan diving into the audience diving at different people and being generally obnoxious.

This song is furious and leads on to one of the bands signature tunes ‘Slit your Wrists’ which you can see Ays and Chris screaming every word to and Ays doesn’t even have a microphone and you can hear every word he screams by now people are joining in with the chants of “Slash your Wrists!!!” DVS have really arrived.

Devour is now in a white shirt with blood stains all over it and his wrists are wrapped you then see him lean down and cut something, his arms are bleeding and their is blood everywhere. He is now screaming every word of the song and he gets a hospital blood pack off the ground and bites into it, Blood goes everywhere the stage is covered in it.

He falls to the ground and starts rolling in it so their is blood everywhere!!! Chriskicks he while he is down and he is on the word screaming. Dan looks in a lot of pain as he smashes his head against the monitor violently.

They then go into slower number ‘Redemicate’ which happens to be a slightly different version of the album track ‘Remedicate’ and see’s Devour being really artistic wrapped in blood and getting his bandages caught on things and pulling them over.

Dan then kicks Amedeus’s amp and smashes things to pieces and storms out of the room. the band follow him smashing their instruments as they go, total carnage happens and the stage looks like a blood bath. Chris slams his bass to the ground and then Ays smashing his expensive keyboard into pieces and then handing pieces out to the audience. They do this so violently and this is so impressive that it makes you take notice.

I advise if you have not seen this band this is one you have to see, and one of the most furious shows I have ever seen for a band first on. This is a band you want to watch and you can listen to their whole new album on YouTube. Which I will be doing again this week, a great but weird performance by Death Valley Scars!!!

Words and Photos: Ashley Naismith