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AAA Music | 23 February 2020

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| On 09, Jun 2013


With my limited knowledge of pop and electro, I can probably say this is good; the hooks are there, the synths are sugary and shiny. And the vocals sound completely angelic. The bouncy synth bop matches the cheery love-struck lyrics, which beats the listener into submission. The whispered vocal bridge is a charming gossamer affair, and the final chorus buildup is a jovial boost, turning the slightly sad and fragile vocals to a joyous backdrop of blaring electro-pop synths. I feel that it’s handled with a lack of tact; the vocals aren’t so much complimented by the contrasting sunshine synths as overwhelmed by them, and the reaction in the mixing decisions is to make the vocals piercingly loud. Ideally, the synths would be further back in the mix, allowing the subtleties of the vocals in their glasslike charm to shimmer in their nuance, rather than being thrown at the listener. Instead you’re bombarded by the synths uncomfortably. This track aims for dreamy, and I think the contrast between heavily processed synths and shy, undeniably human vocals is a really interesting one. Furthermore, the hooks really are very effective in terms of radio airplay-seeking and grabbing the immediate attention of the listener. It’s just a shame about the execution. That is painful. Too painful for anything other than earphones on an iPod at the gym. It could be so much more.

Katie H-Halinski