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Sponsored Post: V-Energy Silence the Troll

| On 17, Jun 2013

V HabSponsored Post: Scott Mills often sings “…We’re lovin’ the trooolls”, in an attempt to make light of the abuse he receives – on a daily…no hourly basis – from those pesky Internet ‘trolls’. We all know what trolls are capable of…we all know trolls…in fact, we are all probably guilty of a little troll-ing or troll-icking ourselves. The Wold Wide Web, especially the everyday environments of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, has become a place for moaning, ridiculing and all-out attacking; all from the safety (and cowardice) of anonymity.

Unlike the counter-ridiculing of Scott Mills’ tune and related radio game show, V-Energy aims to tackle the Internet troll problem through rehabilitation. V-Energy (a product of energy drink V) is a new form of positive energy; one that spreads into negative energy, combating it in the most organic of ways. As the following video highlights, what better place is there to start than by curing the negative energy of Internet trolls. Imagine how much nicer the Internet would be if you could Silence the Troll.

In order to hammer home the importance of this mission, V-Energy has shown a glimpse of a world where the troll has transcended the online world, and is spreading all their negativity through our actual world – hurling abuse and complaints at the most ordinary of people, and in the most ordinary of locations. The video, which channels Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, show the horrors of troll negativity to chilling effect, before offering a gleaming source of troll-silencing positivity:  The V-Energy shush kitten.

Let’s help all those poor Internet trolls through the means of positive energy – encouragement, charity, kind heartedness – and have them sign up to V-Hab.

Sponsored by V-Energy