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AAA Music | 25 September 2020

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| On 20, Aug 2013

LOW-RES Gary Numan - Splinter - album artwork FINAL

After seven years, Gary Numan return to us in 2013 with ‘I Am Dust’, a single that paints a post-apocalyptic picture, its almost industrial-tinged synths moaning bleak and gritty, the jittering computerised sounds providing counter-rhythms to the nihilistic disco drum patterns. Despite all this, Numan retains his trademark vocal style, allowing long notes to call out plaintively over the dark instrumental track, the jet-black synths carrying the vocal melody and giving it an even greater power through the contrast. Despite a brief piano interlude, the body of the track is very focused, and even minimal, keeping a single overall sound and mood: a glittering melody engulfed in darkness.

What is there to say? You may object to his politics, or find ‘Cars’ annoying, but ‘I Am Dust’ is a great song with which to make a statement of return, combining what is usually termed “anthemic” grandeur, grace and catchiness with a doom-laden edge. If this track is anything to go by, Splinters (the album this is taken from) could be set to be a highlight of 2013 that more than justifies the seven-year wait.

Katie H-Halinski