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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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MOODOÏD – Je suis la Montagne

| On 24, Aug 2013


Moodoïd is a recently created solo project of French multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani (Melody’s Echo Chamber). The track ‘Je suis la Montagne’ (‘I am The Mountain’ in English translation) from Moodoïd’s self-titled debut EP is mixed by Kevin Parker (Tame Impala). This single is a contemporary incarnation of transparent psychedelic pop concentrating on airy vocals and meditative accompaniment. Repeated harmonics and self concentrating lyrics turn ‘Je suis la Montagne’ into an art-rock mantra – existing simultaneously in every time and every space, ever young and ever inspiring. Pablo Padovani and Kevin Parker give us a chance to fly closer and closer to the highest borders one can imagine and to dive deeper and deeper into the ocean of comfortable lounge sounds with every second of the track.

Moodoïd project successfully proved its skills in creating atmospheric, calming (yet in no way boring) music. This adventure full of emotional and sonic discoveries will wait for your attention starting from September 9th both on limited 12’’ edition and digital download.

Agnessa Yermakova