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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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WE ARE SCIENTISTS – Return The Favor

| On 05, Oct 2013


It’s been a few years since NYC’s We Are Scientists made their “intelligent Indie-Pop” mark on the music scene, but 2013 see’s the band return on form with their latest single ‘Return The Favor’.

Taken from the upcoming new E.P Business Casual, ‘Return The Favor’ highlights duo Keith Murray and Chris Cain constant development throughout their careers. Moving further away from their debut 2005 sound with a more ‘current’, dark, melancholic and heavier feel, is a welcomed change.

Utilising a more atmospheric-construction approach, very much in the vain of The Temper Trap’s – Sweet Disposition, ‘Return The Favour’ crafts an illusion of no discernable structure. For most songwriters this challenge of keeping a record interesting yet reserved seems to be an elusive creature most never find, but something here just works. I could real of a list like the end credits of a movie why this track works but it would be much simpler to just say get some headphones, lie down and just indulge.

I was surprised to see after my affinity with this track that the debut video only has 6,000 views? Granted it’s not a small number but for a band of this calibre it’s a bit strange none the less. But perhaps it’s a blessing; we’re not being bombarded with the over-hype and ‘truthful’ opinions like Artic Monkeys recent explosion, somewhat not helped by a few UK publications I can think of.

Daniel Garnham