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AAA Music | 5 June 2020

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Monthly Archives: December 2013


30 December 2013 |

‘Sun’ opens with lonely electronics, which work beautifully with the video’s journey through natural landscapes to meet a mysterious shirted girl in the forest. With the chorus comes an icaro of drums and piano, a call to the … Read More

CHAMPS – Savannah

29 December 2013 |

Taken from Down Like Gold, to be released in late February, ‘Savannah’ is an upbeat track which is a relief for the coming winter months ahead. Opening with sunny piano melodies and spirited percussion, the song possesses the kind … Read More


28 December 2013 |

It usually starts with a tingling in your toes and then starts crawling up your muscles and bones, climbing your spine and bursts in your ears. It’s an electric shock that some songs give you when you first listen … Read More

SLACK ARMADA – Slack Armada EP

27 December 2013 |

Slack  Armada is a solo project of James Hrabak – multi-instrumentalist based in Chicago. James started his music career in shoegaze and noise-rock but the inspirational drive for his brand-new music was found in the acts like Boards of … Read More


23 December 2013 |

There is such a great feeling of satisfaction felt when you listen to an album that is full to the brim of artistic talent and passion. Chic Gamine’s debut album Closer definitely brings that feeling. These girls have soul.

This is the kind … Read More

BOXED IN – All Your Love Is Gone

22 December 2013 |

London’s Oli Bayston is a veteran of the local music scene, however he is just now bringing forth his first solo venture for which he has coined the moniker Boxed In. The debut single from the project, … Read More


21 December 2013 |

Like many music reviewers I’m always wondering, what’s going to be the next big ‘thing’? After the recent Folk re-emergence I found myself asking do we really need another Wurzels & Sons or Lum-ray-mears? Lucky for us Scotland’s own Washington … Read More

Drugstore – Live @ Norwich Arts Centre

20 December 2013 |

Friday December 13th, Norwich

WombatWombat’s 13th Birthday & Christmas Party is a special date in the calendar for the Norwich Arts Centre. A wonderful converted church with an intimate and friendly atmosphere, ideal for the three bands playing … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Thrash Pilot

20 December 2013 |

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from?

Thrash Pilot from Manchester. I originally got into drum and bass and production as a kid really, tried to make tunes with some Yamaha PSS keyboard I had at … Read More


20 December 2013 |

Blueneck is an English embodiment of post-rock with an ambient twist and gentle vocals. This North Somerset band became known after their critically acclaimed first album called Scars of the Midwest, that was released back in 2005. Previously the … Read More