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AAA Music | 27 May 2019

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Monthly Archives: December 2013

CUT COPY – Free Your Mind

4 December 2013 |

The Australian duo have released their fourth LP. The album opens up with ‘Free Your Mind’, a mid-tempo, disco friendly tune, that  sounds catchy and easy to listen to. It is not particularly impressive, but good in its own … Read More

VELCRO HOOKS – Tickle Me Sick

3 December 2013 |

Velcro Hooks’ ‘Tickle Me Sick’ drips with early ‘90s nostalgia, and should resound in the heads of fans of alternative rock from the era. The recurrent, dreamy ‘woo woos’ in the track conjure up a ‘summer of … Read More

MISTY MILLER – Yummy Yummy Yummy

2 December 2013 |

A cover of the original Ohio Express of course. I think this is one of those songs that you probably either love or hate; I can’t say I particularly appreciate the beauty that is ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy’. … Read More


1 December 2013 |

Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth met when she was his guitar student and this is what happened. Vienna Ditto’s new mini EP, Ugly, combines imaginative percussion and electronics with country blues, creating an interesting blend. Although overly … Read More