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AAA Music | 19 January 2022

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DAVID WARD – Slowly Through The Night

| On 12, Jan 2014

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Atmospheric synths fade in, a kick drum starts beating, an almost-dirty sounding electronic baseline enters, the rest of the drum kit joins the kick drum and then we hear some soft falsetto vocals. This build up is important to the song, it sets the scene.

David Ward has composed a song that encompasses elements from several different genres. There are hints of electronic, soft rock and even R&B shining through. However it doesn’t sound disjointed and random, they are clear influences, but the style is very unique in itself. ‘Slowly Through The Night’ reminds me of Muse in places; the ethereal, dream-like sounds and the falsetto vocals in particular, but also the strong bass line and the final minute of the song.

Structurally, this piece is fairly standard, with the potential to get tedious through the middle as there is a lot of repetition. ‘Slowly Through The Night’ is 3.38, so not a long song, or a short song, but a fairly average length, so the listener is likely easily able to get through it all without becoming disinterested. There is definitely enough going on to make you want to listen more than once if you are a music fan; lots of layers with synths, guitars and interesting drum patterns. Not to mention the wide-ranging vocal talents of David Ward himself.

‘Slowly Through The Night’ appears on David Ward’s upcoming second album Golden Future Time.

Jake Parker