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AAA Music | 23 September 2020

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Monthly Archives: March 2014

LOREDO – Trawl

31 March 2014 |

After some legal issues with naming rights newly-formed London band Loredo have finally been able to get their debut EP Trawl out into the ether. Lead by the deep, humbling voice of Stuart Bennett, it doesn’t take … Read More

LAPLAND – Lapland

30 March 2014 |

The self-titled debut album from Lapland, the new vehicle for Josh Mease’s music, is unpredictable, original and highlights a wealth of individual talent from Mr Mease. With a range of styles available throughout the album, the listener is treated … Read More


29 March 2014 |

British singer and songwriter Ali Campbell was the lead singer and founding member of reggae band UB40, which has sold over 70 million records world-wide. He’s extensively toured the world for 30 years. Interviewer Anthony Weightman chatted … Read More

NORINE BRAUN – Conventus The Eye of the Heart

29 March 2014 |

With blues / rock influences, such as Patti Smith and Janis Joplin, this album is also inspired by the 20+ year marriage with her partner and, in some tracks, she brings to life this love that made … Read More

IDIOM – Movement

28 March 2014 |

Idiom, hailing from the capital of Devon, have been causing a bit of a stir in the Metal community recently with their latest release: Movement. Being a Devonshire man myself, you’d think I would be familiar with Idiom, but … Read More

TIM PARIS – Dancers

28 March 2014 |

Being someone of quite an open mind and taste I was excited about listening to Parisian born London based Tim Paris’ debut. Not only was it the comparisons of his work to Daft Punk and M83, which to a … Read More

AAA Music Approved: The Peckham Cowboys

27 March 2014 |

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from?

The Peckham Cowboys (as most fans know by now) came into being during an impromptu jam session at Guy Bailey’s house in Peckham on the occasion of his birthday a few years … Read More


26 March 2014 |

Critically acclaimed  Dublin singer songwriters Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall, now London based, are known as Morrissey & Marshall. They create mellow folk, blues, rock and indie and are inspired by The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Arctic Monkeys, The Everly … Read More


25 March 2014 |

So a few weeks ago the more eagle-eyed of you may have spotted my review of ‘Dumb Luck’, the lead-in single for the latest album from We Are Scientists which is now available. TV En Francais is the first … Read More


25 March 2014 |

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. A rough sea, billowing clouds and deep oil-colours convey a precise idea, leaving to the imagination its developments. The same imaginative power, which inhabits the 10 tracks comprising this … Read More