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AAA Music | 26 May 2022

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| On 19, Mar 2014

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The wicked new video for ‘Shake It Off’, exclusive to AAAmusic.

Seek Love is the second EP from UK band The Bohemian Embassy. It is an EP that starts as it means to go on: unashamed, unrestrained and confident.

Opening track ‘Come and See (Met You in Another Life)’ bursts into action from the get-go and sets a clear precedent of energetic music-making in Seek Love. Upon first listening I’m puzzled as to why I like it, but I’m thinking “this is different”; certainly ‘bohemian’. ‘Look East’ carries on this confident energy, throwing you up and down in a musical and emotional charged flurry; only the second song in and it feels as if The Bohemian Embassy are not shy at showing us what they’ve got in their arsenal.

Seek Love delves into many realms of music, meaning you never find yourself in a lull. It features a 70s glam bravado, 21st Century indie-rock instrumentals, post-punk jabs, and dramatic sweeps of heavy metal. There are moments of Sparks-esque charisma, Muse-style powerful rushes, an imaginative and quick-witted lyrical edge of the Smiths, engaging singing varying from the B52s to Smashing Pumpkins; and an almost Celtic, punk-guitar essence of Dropkick Murphys. It also feels as if The Bohemian Embassy have picked up the youthful energy left by the ‘post-punkers’ of the early 2000s, such as Sum 41 and blink-182, and matured it into a cross-genre collection.

What makes Seek Love a pleasure to listen to is the pure energy and effort that has clearly put in to it. The Bohemian Embassy have worked hard to deliver an EP that sounds fairly unique, and can’t be pinned down as one style. They’ve done their best to not replicate styles too similar to the originals, offering an assortment of dynamic and untiring tunes; something they deserve to be praised for.

Liam Dodd