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AAA Music | 25 June 2022

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TROPHY SCARS – Hagiophobia

| On 22, Mar 2014

Trophy Scars - Hagiophobia

Trophy Scars are a band from Morristown, New Jersey, and are mixing rock with soulful blues tones to create an invigorating new sound for the world to hear.

Trophy Scars are onto album number four with Holy Vacants and in its original conception took the form of a screen play. However, back to the forthcoming album in its produced form – it’s full of psychedelic fuelled moments and a heavy influence from the seventies, but with their modern day twist thrown out at you.

Lead single and track number six on the album is ‘Hagiophobia’ (no idea how to pronounce that…), which is the word for an intense dislike for saints and the holy. This song is infused with heavy bass lines and has the vocals of Jerry Jones loud in the forefront, so that the venom hits out immensely, with their eerie screams echoing through the middle of the song, creating the feeling of anguish and torment.

The song could be considered hectic, if one weren’t able to grasp the idea of love being at the forefront of the song, creating the torture of what it is like to be feeling so desperate. Throughout ‘Hagiophobia’ is a heavy guitar riff from John Ferrara, which calls out and follows the feeling of the song, leaving the feedback wailing out like a banshee at the end the song.

‘Hagiophobia’ from Trophy Scars is the sort of song to listen to when needing to describe all those feelings of torturous love.

Sam Panasuik