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AAA Music | 8 August 2022

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LOREDO – Trawl

| On 31, Mar 2014

LOREDO - Trawl

After some legal issues with naming rights newly-formed London band Loredo have finally been able to get their debut EP Trawl out into the ether. Lead by the deep, humbling voice of Stuart Bennett, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that Editors and The National rank highly in the group’s list of influences. At times it is the simplicity within the construction that gives the band a distinct, certain sound. Up and coming bands seem to have finally grasped the importance of top-notch backing vocals and this is something that Loredo have in aplomb. By adding these lighter harmonies to Bennett’s authoritative tones a balance is struck that is aurally pleasing and takes some of the intensity out of the tracks, making them anything but a chore to listen to.

Title track ‘Trawl‘ makes for the wildest imagery; my mind wandered to reminiscing about Erland and the Carnival’s video for Trouble In Mind – something along those lines could be a great way for the band to pick up plaudits. Despite the general air of darkness and solitude throughout the EP there are a number of sweet, tender guitar riffs that shine through and guide the listener effortlessly into Loredo’s world. The driven bass and wide-spread drums provide an excellent, efficient base for everything else to have that essential level of creative freedom.

All fourtracks are full of insightful, enthralling character with individual appeal; whether you’re looking for a chorus to shout across the terraces (choose ‘Zany‘), a mellow alternative (‘Walked Out On A Wire’) or just a general all-round belter (‘Trawl‘, definitely ‘Trawl“) there is something that’ll keep you grinning, even if it might seem somewhat maniacal. Loredo know what they are and what they want to be, if they can make that next step towards success there’ll be no stopping them.

Get ready to wear your heart upon your sleeve.

Ciaran Steward