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AAA Music | 8 August 2020

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HOW TO DRESS WELL – Words I Don’t Remember

| On 03, Apr 2014

As the first studio recording since 2012’s highly praised ‘Total Loss’ follow up single ‘Words I Don’t Remember’ has been a treat worth waiting for, as Tom Krell – the mastermind behind How To Dress Well – has clearly been making good use of his time. Posted to YouTube originally the song is a genre clash between new wave and classic r’n’b rhythms, which could easily feature on a Majestic Causal compilation. The intro begins with silky synths followed by Krell’s soft “coos” yearning for your attention and suddenly stops at a silence, which allows Krell to truly demonstrate his sultry heavenly vocals, with a tone of such purity and honesty that makes you want to believe every word he sings. The under-laying minimal beats and track looping instantly conjures up thoughts of James Blake, but one far more accessible. What makes this song great is the emotional depth and passion Krell communicates through his lyrics; hopefully he doesn’t leave it another two years before his next venture.

Lois Browne