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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 8 April 2014

Polar Bear – Live @ SJE Arts

8 April 2014 |

Thursday 3rd April, Oxford

Experimental British quartet Polar Bear is a band that has curiously merged punk, dance, indie, cool jazz, free jazz, hip hop, drum and bass and electronica. They often perform live with the compelling … Read More


8 April 2014 |

‘Said and Done’ is the first single from Sofie Winterson’s debut album and will get her noticed from the start with its unusual video, which blends perfectly with the kitsch pop and electronica. Its kitsch and eccentric style … Read More

D-A-D – Live @ The Garage

8 April 2014 |

Thursday 3rd April, London

The Garage, one of the most well-known rock venues in London, is everything a music site should be. With a low ceiling and great sound system, since 1993 it’s hosted all the best … Read More

Nosfell – Live @ La Défense

8 April 2014 |

Saturday 5th April, Paris

Nosfell is, by himself, a world full of poetry and imagination. As a child, this ill-at-ease boy developed his own world, Klokochazia, with its own language, Klokobetz. His full name – Labyala Fela … Read More