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AAA Music | 24 January 2022

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| On 12, Jun 2014


‘Sparks’, from their new album Threadbare, is honest and raw. Boreal Sons have gone with simplicity and subtlety to promote their tour in the UK, allowing the public to download this track for free. Originally from Canada, the quartet (vocals, piano, guitar, bass and percussion/drums) started working together years ago but was not officially formed until 2009. A year later they released their first album and have continued to strive towards ‘creat(ing) intelligent music that pairs thoughtful lyrical narratives with lush melodies and complex yet accessible instrumentation’.

The song ‘Sparks’ leaves a great deal of space which allows listeners to contemplate the beautiful lyrics. The harmonies, melody and rhythms are also open and spacious, much of the main melody line feeling very free. The band obviously rehearse and play together frequently as they are tight and precise but with a relaxed confidence.

The lead vocalist and pianist, Evan Acheson, conveys his melodic lines clearly and thoughtfully. His rather straightforward, yet tuneful voice sits well amongst the instruments and fits the musical style beautifully. Aspects of this track call to mind Death Cab For Cutie. Perhaps it is simply that Ben Gibbard and Acheson have a similar tone of voice, but there is something about the amount of pensive silence in their music which draws the two artists together in my head.

Well worth going to see live, even if it is just to indulge in some self-reflective lyrics and beautiful music!

Heather Ryall