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AAA Music | 4 July 2022

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TUNDRA – Tiger

| On 08, Aug 2014

TUNDRA - Tiger

Virtually unknown London duo Tundra relatively recently released their first single: ‘Tiger’. Tundra have been described as “dark electronic” and “80s pop influenced” – two very contrasting ideas, which make me rather sceptical about the imminent and often dreaded first listen. Here we go.

Within the first few seconds, I’m immediately getting SEASFIRE (fairly unknown indie/synth band from Bristol) and Daft Punk in their Tron soundtrack phase – especially the ending credits. Although, it’s more minimalist than that. Like Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack mixed with James Blake. Anyway…

The whole “dark electronic/80s pop” makes more sense having heard the track. It wholly describes their sound – yes, the dark electronica is the main element, but occasionally there’ll be a synth motif which is, as 80s pop often is, slighty cringey, but it fits in well with their sound and they pull it off.

They really milk the tiger metaphor: “LOVE IS A TIGER/Pacing inside you”, “LOVE IS A TIGER/Waiting to prance up” etc. From the whispery vocals to the thudding bass line along with the sensual lyrics, I think they’re trying to put across a particular feeling with this track. You know what I’m talking about.

Emma Dodds