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AAA Music | 27 November 2021

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Superheaven – Live @ Brudenell Social Club

| On 11, Sep 2014

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Saturday 6th September, Leeds

It had been a long time since I had last attended a gig in Leeds and it was a most joyous occasion to be there to see a band who I greatly admire. Having not been to this venue before, it must have seemed like a an out-of-sorts place for an American band to be playing, but once I arrived at the venue I found it had a bustling atmosphere.

First on stage were Concave, a band hailing from South Wales who I had seen before and who’s five track demo release back in 2012 had me hooked from the get-go. They embellish a variety of sounds , but remain very cohesive, which makes them very enjoyable and always a sight to see and hear on record. The band suffered by not having the best sound of the night, but the gig was held in the function room of a pub after all – nevertheless, I was impressed yet again and I look forward to seeing what else the band puts out in the near future.


Next up was Nai Harvest, who have started to create their own niche fanbase here in the UK. They’ve cultivated a sound that has only grown since the days of bands like Texas Is The Reason, The Get Up Kids and Mineral – the guys in Nai Harvest have been on the up ever since signing a stateside deal with Top Shelf Records, and securing support slots with many acclaimed bands. As for tonight, having witnessed them on numerous occasions, they still don’t sit so well with me – maybe it’s their sound, which at times sounds too thin thanks to the lack of a bassist. Ben, the guitarist and vocalist, tries his best to make up for this, but the cracks are there and I’m afraid for this listener, until the day comes that they add a bassist, I don’t see myself being able to fully enjoy the band’s music.

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Lastly were the main headliners Superheaven, who haven’t visited these shores in nearly a year and excitement in the room for their return was evident by just how packed-out this small room was. By the time the band hit the stage the fever pitch was at its peak. The band broke into the first song from their latest release, Jar, released on Run For Cover Records – a label which has done much for Superheaven and has been a formidable force in the independent scene and in the distribution of alternation music. The set was mainly comprised of songs off Jar, which by all accounts is a record that has been fashioned like an archer’s bow – the songs hit the spot; they infuse the listener with the emotion that wears itself heavily on our hearts, but leaves the listener wanting to know more so as not to give too much away. The band themselves are very tight, with the pounding backbone of the band, the drummer, carrying the songs, with every hit as powerful as last, leaving you with quite a euphoric feeling. All in all, tonight could not have gone better – the band were on top form and gave this anxious audience exactly what they were hoping for.

Review + Photos: Joe Sheridan