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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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Blitz Kids + Natives – Live @ Sound Control

| On 10, Oct 2014

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Saturday 4th October, Manchester 

Weekends are always exciting for gigs – it’s the time of the week when everyone wants to let their hair down and forget about everything, and that’s what was on everyone’s minds going into this show tonight; the venue was brimming with everyone’s excitement as they waited anxiously for the main event to begin.

First on were Natives, a band whose name I was familiar with but had not yet listened to their music. Upon hearing the notes of the first song I was pleasantly surprised by what I witnessed – not only did the band perform as a tight unit, their array of musical instruments other than the guitars (such as extra percussion) were a welcomed accompaniment to the band’s high-energy music. Particularly in the percussion department, the band’s drummer stormed through the set with his elaborate playing, his relentless drive taking the band to new levels. The only downside, though not specifically about the music, is their habit of coming across a little too desperate for audience approval. Personally, I see this as something that should be a natural progression between the audience and the band, and whether it was contrived or not, at times it made for uncomfortable viewing. As a fellow concertgoer, I know all too well the impressionable side to humans at a young age, and in the music world there are myths and fantasies of band’s being larger than life, and these myths should be quelled. It taints the experience from purely being about the music, to becoming a fantasy in the heads of these fans; that the band standing before them is more than just a band. A band is a band; they are humans, nothing more, nothing less.

Blitz Kids

Blitz Kids

Last on tonight were Blitz Kids and ironically their crowd tonight seemed to act like kids, screaming defiantly with each fan and band member rejoicing in the moment. The band had what you could call a stage persona, much like that of a media-trained artist. You couldn’t take anything the band said seriously – it sounded rehearsed and slightly contrived. Musically, they had some serious chops. Their drummer was the driving force with the vocal department making up for the unfortunately thin guitar tones that were led by rather uninspiring accompanying parts. A band is only as good as their fans will let them be and, undoubtedly, I think the band is being weighed down by playing it safe – they need to break out of the mould they have shaped for themselves, for which there is certainly potential. Sure, the band maybe content with their standing, but I personally believe that, in interest of writing music, the one major rule to follow is to never become complacent, and this writer feels that Blitz Kids have fallen into that pitfall.

Review + Photos: Joe Sheridan

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