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AAA Music | 26 November 2020

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Sponsored Video: We Can See You Now; Hair Brush in One Hand, Cold Beer in the Other

| On 12, Feb 2015

Carlsberg, the company and brand behind the ridiculously crisp Danish lager of the same name, have unveiled a new video about…Well, we’re entirely sure. But it’s definitely brilliant.

Soundtracked by odd, oriental-esque hotel lift music (think that pan flute setting you used to be able to get on your child’s Casio keyboard), the clip features tantalising images of Carlsberg Lager accompanied by lyrics, despite there being no audible words to the song. The video ends with the caption: “If Carslberg did karaoke, it would be the best in the world. Probably.” The whole thing no doubt references the karaoke-obsessed Orient and is completely bonkers. In a good way. I mean, what has karaoke got to do with lager beer anyway?

This video is actually part of a Carlsberg trilogy, if you will.  There’s an oddly alluring, near-erotic clip about – you guessed it – Carlsberg Lager, plus one about Language Courses. The message of all these videos? That if Carlsberg did something else, it would be best the best in the world at it (probably). Why? Because they are world-leaders in their actual, current field: LAGER.

Check out the video above. Trust us, it’s very, very, very silly. You’ll absolutely love it. Probably.

Sponsored by Carlsberg